Izmir Qualifiers – 2016 Turkish Skateboarding Championship

The Izmir Regional Qualifiers for the 2016 Turkish Skateboarding Championships went down at Democracy Park in the beautiful coastal city of Izmir on a blazing hot Saturday on 18 June, 2016. Over 30 skaters from Izmir and surrounding cities made it out in hopes of winning some cash prizes and snagging one of the top 8 spots to qualify for the finals in Istanbul this Sunday, 26 June. In the end, Bursa ripper Murat Uğur put together some smooth lines and had what it took to take home the 800TL grand prize and a spot in the finals in Istanbul. Thank to The Roof Skateshop, Noire Skateboards, X4Tune Skateshop, Ala Skateboards, Red Bull, Subway for the 10% discount, and everyone else for their support and for making sure things went down smoothly!

Check out the results and photos from the event here. See you in Istanbul!

1. Murat Uğur – 800TL (Bursa)
2. Alper Çanakçı – 450TL (İzmir)
3. Berkcan Kırcan – 250TL  (Bursa)
4. Ali Osman Ensar (Bursa)
5. Taha Kaya (Bursa)
6. Onur İmre (İzmir)
7. Okan Şen (Antalya)
8. Umut Çağrı (Manisa)