Kumba Skate Plaza is vibrant youth center

World Skateboarding Grand Prix is more than just a contest. We are committed to creating year-round programs to encourage and support the local youth through skateboarding. The Kumba Skate Plaza, the site of the 2013 Kimberley Diamond Cup, has become a vibrant an integral part of the community and hosts daily skate sessions, clinics, entertainment and game nights for local kids.

This weekend we welcomed the return of the long anticipated Friday Night Lights event sponsored by Panarotti’s Kimberley at the Kumba Skate Plaza. 25 bucks gets you pizza, drinks, entry to the raffle, and a session with the homies under the lights with some Jurassic 5 playing in the background. Not a bad deal. Fun was had by all an faces were stuffed with some quality ‘za, inevitably.

On Saturday we hosted our monthly game of skate competition. Our newest addition to the Kumba Skate Plaza and the first in line for KDC’s mentorship program, Erwin Lyon from Kuruman, helped things run smoothly throughout the day while keeping it live on the mic. We’re stoked to have a motivated and charismatic addition to the park, and we only expect great things to come from Erwin in the future. Yeah, Erwin!

The highlight of the game of skate was 10 year-old Enrique Ortell’s victory over some of Kimberley’s gnarliest flat ground OG’s. Enrique has been skating for less than two years and is already throwing letters at dudes with switch and nollie heels. Following Enrique’s victory in the game of skate, he one upped everyone once again in a mini competition to see who could kickflip the A-Frame gap to flat. Ricky came up with two gold’s and some killer gear for the day. Kimberley’s scene is rising and Enrique is proof!

Check out the photos below to see how the weekend rolled out at the Kumba Skate Plaza.

Game of Skate Results:

1) Enrique Ortell

2) Will Jenkins

3) Martin Kotze