KDC Rider Cup Team Skateboarding Championships Results!

The Rider Cup, formerly known as Hood To Hood,  brought together 44 of SA’s best skaters for a team format contest. In addition to the two Kimberley teams who advanced to the Rider Cup a few weeks back, we had 10 teams of eager rippers who entered in hopes of splitting R10k and earning a slot in the Rider Cup Championships at KDC 2014. In the end team “Get It,” consisting of Yann Horowitz, Dlamini Dlamini, Pieter Retief, and Kanya Spani ‘got it,’ going home with ten G’s and a spot in the Rider Cup Finals. Cheers to all the teams for sticking it out through the gnarly heat and ripping with the collective goal of progressing skateboarding of South Africa in mind.Results:1. Get It, with Yann Horowitz, Dlamini Dlamini, Kanya Spani, and Pieter Retief.2. Scumbags: Jean-Marc Johannes, Braxton Haine, Khule Ngubane, and Brandon Valjalo.3. Titties, a good name for Brandon Jack Dyamond, Joshua Chrisholm, Khulu Dlamini,  Anthony deMendonca.4. Magoshas, made up of Shaun Burger, Alan Morola, Anton Roux, and Bevan Richards.5. CapeTown’s 20Sk8 with Shuaib Philander, Ryan Naidoo, Wesley “Tooth” Schroeder, and Toufeeq Reubenheimer.6. Skateboard, with Jean Gerber, George van Blerk, Brandon Ramos, and Chris Nderity.7. G1Three: Stuart Walker, Evan Binge, Dennis Collins, Bryce Rheeder.8. You Ma Team from Kimberley, with Martin Kotze, Brad Bailie, Theo Setsetse, and Jaden Klaasen.9. Wills Ducks with two Wills: Will Meleng, Will Jenkins, Tlotlo Apples, and Siphiwe Kheshwa.10. Chesa-Nyama, consisting of Trae Rice, OJ Ramakanye, Bryce Rheeder, and TK Modise.11. George with Luke Goliath, Quinton Mooiman, Byron Rhoda, and Nico Ludek.12. Stoned! They’re Quinty Robertson, Kennetu Basyan, Monde Mqumbisa, and Kenneth Shimabukuro.